Best Eye Fix

From My Shelf

Best eye fix?

My customers are always asking me what is the best treatment for puffy under eyes, dark circles and improving skin texture around the eye area and I tell them what works for me.  But everyone experiences different results because we are all unique and have unique needs.  I feel improving the skin texture around the eye area allows concealer to appear smoother and dark circles disappear. Here are some of the fixes that work for me.


This is my #1 beauty treatment.  A good night’s sleep not only makes you feel better, you look more refreshed, dark circles appear less, skin tone is improved, fine lines are minimized and your overall mood is improved.  When you feel good, you look good – simple as that.

Start & End with Eye Cream

After a light cleanse and a spritz of toner I always use an eye cream in the morning.  It gives this delicate area the moisture and plumpness necessary to prevent premature fine lines.  Hydration around the eye area also makes your concealer go on more easily and look better – more natural.  At the end of the day, after I cleanse my face, I apply my eye cream.  I never go to bed without my eye cream because this is the time when skin repair takes place and eye creams with collagen help improve your skin’s elasticity and the visible signs of aging.

Roll With It

I’m a big fan of quartz rollers from Jade Roller Beauty. I’ve experienced the difference it makes when I use it on a consistent basis.  I love to use my roller in the morning to de-puff under eyes, especially when seasonal allergies hit.  I also use the roller along the cheek and jaw line to tone underlying muscles. And don’t forget your neck!

At night, after I finish my skincare routine, I use my roller after applying my serum.  It helps to press in the serum and feels like a relaxing facial massage. Rolling around the eye area increases blood flow and releases stress which is important before going to sleep.  It is a great habit to start because it helps to eliminate the toxins from your skin by improving your lymphatic drainage in your face – added benefit of looking more refreshed in the morning!

– Siobhan