Why do I need to mask?

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Why do I need to mask?

It’s the only one you have

Your face is with you for your lifetime so why not treat it with exceptional care. The small task of applying a face mask once a week does so much in the way of taking care of your skin’s needs. Whether your skin is dry, normal, sensitive or oily there is a mask treatment for you.

Skincare is a necessary part of life

Like a great glass of red wine, skincare is also a necessary part of life. I don’t believe taking care of your skin is a luxury. The cumulative benefits of good skincare enhances your natural beauty. Applying a mask once a week is part of a pleasurable skincare routine. It’s less about a quick fix and more about keeping up with regular skincare maintenance. You do this with your car so why not do it with your skin. Choose a mask for immediate issues of dryness/dehydration, clogged pores, breakouts or dull and lackluster. After a good cleansing in the evening, apply the mask and leave on for up to 30 minutes. This gives you time to do all the little tasks you need to do before bedtime. You will be happy to wake up to glowing, clear and hydrated skin. If you wear makeup it will apply more easily and you can do with less when your skin is glowing.

Think of a mask as a preventative step. As colder weather nears a deep hydration mask once or twice a week while you check your emails will help with moisture and hydration levels. If you experience sensitive skin keeping hydration is important to maintain calm skin. Even lips get dry and chapped so applying a lip mask before bed is perfect. If you are a little forgetful about exfoliating, then a deep cleansing mask will help decongest your pores. There are leave-on exfoliants that act like a mask because they gently eliminate dead skin cells and leave the skin radiant and smooth.

Some suggestions

Maskerade by VOYA – normal and sensitive skin. This moisturizing face mask contains seaweed, prog-collagen extract and other antioxidant-rich organic extracts to calm irritated skin and moisturize dry skin. Hydrating seaweed based ingredients and soothing chamomile extracts will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Apply on neck and decollete as well. Heals cuts and sunburns too.

– Siobhan