Rose Theodora, Celebrated Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, and Curator


Interview with Rose Theodora, Celebrated Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, and Curator

Rose Theodora is a celebrated Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, and Curator. Her upbringing was both scientific and spiritual. Her grandfather and great grandfather were scientists for Nasa, her paternal grandparents were theologians, and her mother, a healer–living spiritually is a way of life for Rose. She first learned how to translate esoteric language and astrology from her mother before forging her path as an astrologer. Rose is bicontinental based in Madrid and Los Angeles. She has a broad international clientele and counseling practice, and more than anything loves to support people on an inward journey of self-discovery, in a non-judgemental, supportive, and healing atmosphere.

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Rose believes astrology should be empowering and aesthetic. Her deep love and vast knowledge of astrology are accompanied by a rich background in neuroscience and art history degree from UCLA, which has been the backdrop for her success in the marrying of astrology and aesthetics. Intrigued by the healing effects of lifestyle choices, i.e., color, scent, music, etc. and how they are continually reflected in the natal chart, Rose weaves the two uniquely in her work.

Here is a snippet of our conversation and some of the questions I asked Rose:

How has your business and mission grown over the years?

I began studying astrology with my mother and through her astrology books around the house at a very young age pre-adolescence. I despised the way horoscopes pigeon-holed individual signs, and I didn’t resonate with my sign’s qualities, Cancer of being a homebody. I love to travel and felt more adventurous and daring than my sign’s described qualities and wanted to know more. I went down a rabbit hole of research that eventually lead to my career.

However, it wasn’t until after graduating from UCLA with a degree in Neuroscience and art history (with the plan to work in the art world, believing that through art people can heal), and working in the art world, that I realized how much astrology was the basis for how I looked at art and the world (focusing on the artists astrological make-up, color choice, socio-political climate, and psychological circumstances for which the artists choose his/her medium rather than the art itself). I felt I could help more people doing what I loved, by helping them to become more empowered through knowledge about themselves. I recognized how astrology can be a profound link between predisposition and choice.

How has it impacted your life and what are some of the changes you have experienced since you set out on this path?

It’s impacted my life in a significant way. I honestly could never have anticipated the changes and impacts that have come to fruition, or that I would be a professional (practicing astrologer). I thought that my life would look much different than it does now–I live and breathe my work daily–there is never a day off for me–I’m always researching, writing, and viewing life through the astrological lens. It’s impacted my life in that; I see evidence daily of how integral our relationship is to this planet and to the cycles of nature actually are. I’ve learned that flaws are perfection and how truly different and beautiful every human being is, which has inspired a more profound reverence for life. Being able to support people on their journey through death, marriage, and the milestones of their life has been the greatest life-changing gift.

How does knowing or understanding one’s chart help navigate through life?

When one takes an actual interest in the big picture, when a person is willing to question their tiny microcosm–to question their purpose, path, and conditioning, or biological traits then they begin a journey in which they will never look back. Astrology isn’t to confirm one’s already existing beliefs, but rather, to deepen the meaning of one’s life, to find answers about why you are the way you are, and how you can become more empowered to make empowering choices. Knowing your astrological make-up is a cosmic roadmap to life, it reconnects you to your unique blueprint in a way that no other modality or form of therapy can. Understanding one’s chart or natal placements is a way to heal yourself, to move forward with confidence, dignity, and greater self-love. Knowing your chart enables a person to become more integrated and whole, to become more mindful about what you’re actual needs are.

How should one manage the information from reading and how to apply it to daily life in terms of one’s beauty, wellness, etc.?

A person’s astrological make-up isn’t apart from who they are. The choices aesthetically, color’s in which we’re attracted to, our lifestyle choices are shown in the natal chart; for example, knowing your time of birth determines the zodiac constellation that is in the East at your time of birth, called the rising sign in Astrology. Once a person’s rising sign is determined, the northwest area of the sky in analyzed and interpreted to determine the wellness and appropriate lifestyle for an individual i.e., predisposition healthwise–how a person sleeps, preferred routine, and through mars, the type of activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be seen.

During a reading, a person is given their natal placement, such as Moon sign (determined by the day and hour of birth), which describes a person’s mental and emotional needs, and what they “need” to feel safe, secure, and balanced. Venus sign, aesthetic choices i.e., make-up colors, preferred scents, and dress.

An example would be: a person with a Libra Moon needs an organized and beautiful, minimal environment to feel healthy. When it comes to make-up, they want clean, feminine, and soft–as obnoxious tones would make them feel out of sorts and uncomfortable–which would be anything but soothing or conducive for a healthy predisposition for the individual.

A person born with the planet Venus in Virgo or a Virgo rising sign would be attracted to natural skincare *because they have sensitive skin. They would wear and be attracted to light, fresh citrus scents, and the color bronze, and natural shades, that natural dewy look.

It’s important to remember that astrology is an ancient art that it’s highly mathematical and has been practiced for over 2000 years. In medieval astrology (which means ancient rather than outdated) herbs, and colors are associated with each sign and placement (configuration), etc. I practice a synthesis of ancient and modern (psychological astrology), so I utilize the synonymous colors and scents *herbs associated with each sign and placement to make recommendations that act as a healing modality for a healthier lifestyle.

In other words, a person could utilize the recommendations to make a conscious effort to live more in harmony with their nature, rather than choosing name brands or popular products, etc. Their choices become personal for them, depending on who they are.

Astrology addresses the soul and entire make-up of an individual. In contrast, for example, a facialist would only address the skin of a person, or the stylist the external appearance of a person. A medical doctor would address the physical-biological aspects of an individual, but perhaps neglect the soul’s essence or spiritual needs of an individual. All are important professions, as they’re specialists, but astrology provides a roadmap that should not be overlooked.

How does understanding your sign assist in wellness and/or beauty?

Understanding your sign can help you to understand your nature and preferences on a deeper level. One example is to say, “I’m a Libra, and therefore I am focused on relationships and balance.” Would, through the awareness of their astrological make-up, become, “I’m a Libra, and therefore I will notice all of the imbalance to see how to bring about more balance in my life.” The Libra person would be attracted to Libra type stuff i.e., soft Venus color such as gray (is a libra’s favorite color) pale pink, etc. Libra’s are attracted to soft feminine powdery or floral scents, but why?

This is just the surface in the process of individuation. Each person also has a Venus placement, Moon placement, etc. Each of the planets were in a particular position relative to the individual at their time of birth. A person’s unique connection with the planetary positions becomes a magnetic imprint throughout life, bound through the laws of nature, gravity, and magnetic resonance.


Rose pioneered the first-ever color astrology studio in Los Angeles, CA and has since curated unique experiences and content for Cartier, Dove, Esteé Lauder, Moët, OPI, Birch Box, Fender, Laura Mercier, Wanderlust Hollywood, The Den Meditation Studio, Swarovski, Clique Media Group, Kelly Wearstler’s Avalon Hotel, Heart VIP, Byrdie Beauty, MyDomaine, The Zoe Report, Adidas, Santa Monica Museum of Art, now ICA, Gagosian, The Getty Museum, and more.

Rose has been a regular guest on Maria Menounos’ radio show, Conversations with Maria, was the first astrology celebrity expert for E! Style Collective team, and is currently the resident Astrologer for Clique Media ‘s Byrdie Beauty and OPI. She has previously been a guest on BBC One, E!Entertainment ‘s live red carpet for the Oscars, Khloé (Khloe Kardashian app), PopSugar ++.



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