Our Philosophy

We believe in the importance of understanding that our skin is a vital organ, capable of regenerating and healing itself while being fed the purest ingredients from nature.  The power of plants, herbs, oils and vitamins can be found in our carefully curated selection of organic skincare.

We understand that each client has their own unique skin and we seek to educate them on the benefits of a holistic, natural approach to skincare maintenance. We begin each facial with a comprehensive skin analysis and detailed consultation. We include a hand and arm massage with each facial treatment. Our facials are done in the privacy of our beautycocoon ™ in our boutique at our Westport, CT location

Our Treatments

VOYA Signature Radiance Facial

60 minutes


A skin specific organic facial deeply detoxifying and thoroughly revitalizing, improves skin tone and clarity. Incorporates facial massage to release the build-up of toxins and improve skin radiance. We will choose specific VOYA products to tailor your skin’s needs; Purifying for Oily skin, Ultra Calming for Sensitive skin and Hydra Veil for Dry skin. A combination of gentle exfoliators, serums and masks will transform your skin leaving it nourished and balanced. A pressure point facial massage targets the deeper muscles in the face to release any build-up of toxins and restore a glowing complexion, leaving the skin smooth, soft and radiant. Warm hand and arm massage included with each facial treatment.

VOYA Anti Aging Restorative Facial

75 minutes


VOYA’S finest organic ingredients combined with antioxidant algae complexes help stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in this highly restorative facial. After cleanse, exfoliation and lymphatic facial massage freshly harvested organic seaweed leaves are placed onto your face, neck and decollete over a warm seaweed mask. This deeply hydrating and detoxifying face mask encourages long term results while the Laminaria Seaweed leaves detoxify, hydrate, firm and soften the skin. Warm hand and arm massage included with treatment.

VOYA Instant Lift Facial

75 minutes


Our Instant Lift facial focuses on facial massage and facial lymphatic drainage using the facial gua sha technique and Jade roller. In addition, a cleanse, exfoliation and seaweed mask treatment with the application of rehydrated Fucus Serratus seaweed leaves are placed over the face, lips, neck and decollete. The seaweed leaves are rich in anti-inflammatory properties and the oils from the leaves have a remarkable effect on the skin. The antioxidant compounds found naturally in this seaweed have profound impact in improving the signs of aging.

*We will avoid facial areas treated with Botox within 2-3 weeks or facial fillers within 3 months.

Skin Brilliance AHA Facial

55 minutes


Our Skin Brilliance facial is perfect for dull skin due to stress, hormonal changes, and the polluted environment. Performed in some of the world’s top spas, VOYA’s AHA skin peel has been formulated to be as active as possible but in the gentlest formulation with no down time. A combination of acids derived from fruit extracts and hand-harvested Fucus Serratus Seaweed from the west coast of Ireland gently breaks down the impurities in the skin and removes dead skin cells. This professional peel contains a 15% AHA content leaving the skin healthy, clear, vibrant and glowing.

A thorough cleanse of face and neck followed by the application of the AHA Peel and finished with a hydrating mask to heal and moisturize the skin. A warm hand massage to improve circulation  is given during final mask treatment.

* AHA Peel can be added into any existing facial for an additional $30




We use only Battington 100% silk, hand-made with up to 25 applications, available in 4 styles. Applied with an all natural eyelash adhesive. $26 & $28 for lashes only
Application: $15 includes personal fitting and eye makeup applied

Makeup Application

Adults $150

Teen $75

Makeup Lesson $150

Express Eyes $35


Pre-Bridal application $150

Bride $250

Attendants $125

(on-site available with additional travel fee)